Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Wet n' Wild Champagne

Yesterday was my job interview and I opted to go bare nailed. My fingers are crossed on getting the job because I'm having serious lust over the new collections coming out and I need financing!

Today I must be in a mood because I'm going with a lovely subtle polish. This is Wet n' Wild Champagne. It's not really something I'd usually go for, but I'm glad I bought it. Since it's Wet n' Wild I got a little wild and went and played in the snow, so my nails are wet. ...I think that may just be the nerdiest thing I've ever written here. :)

Ok so there are these teeny tiny little micro flashes of red that show up in just the right light that I love. I tried capturing it in the photo but to no avail. It give it a lovely warm, spicy feel to things.

I'm breaking my two coat rule yet again, this is three coats over my Orly Ridge Filler. Two coats would have left me with a pretty visible nail line. It applied really well though no streaking or bald spots at all so I can't really complain.

Don't you just love how a polish that's less than a dollar can be so awesome?!

Thanks for stopping by and reading, have an ubber lovely day. Until next time!

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