Thursday, October 20, 2011

China Glaze Urban-Night

Every week my family and I  try to make it to the farmers market.  We enjoy walking through the stalls to see what all the vendors have to offer.  There's always a large selection of artists and we come across lots of interesting things. 
Of course there's always the fresh fruit and vegetables, now is the time for  rustic pumpkins, crisp apples, and dusky plums.  Now that the season is almost over, the fruits are all the sweeter for the impending end of the season. 
Urban-Nights is part of China Glaze's Metro Collection of which I am becoming very fond.  This is a deep, rich plum creme
The formula was very thick but with a bit of drag to it.  I was in a bit of a hurry so I only applied one really thick coat, so you can see a some thin areas.  Two coats would be best
By the time I took pictures I'd had this on for about a day and a half so my tips were starting to see some wear. 
I really like this plumy shade, I think it goes really well with my skin tone.  I also love how smooth and shiny the finish is. 
I've collected almost all of the Metro polishes at this point, there's only a couple that I haven't really cared for.  Have you tried any of them? 


  1. so nice.
    are you intrested in i-swap? if you are please wirte to me -

  2. This is gorgeous. I haven't tried any of the polishes in this collection but I definitely need a plum shade in my collection after seeing this!

  3. Hi. im a new follower, i love this creamy berry grape color so pretty for fall, im gonna have to find this. hope u can check out my page and follow


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