Monday, October 24, 2011

Orly Rock-it and a bit of a fail

So do any of you run into the problem that when people find out that you do nails they suddenly want you to be their friend and "do their nails for them."?    I'm not talking about friends and family, that's not a problem at all, in fact that's actually fun. No, I'm talking more like acquaintances where you don't know them all that well, and maybe don't want to but all of the sudden when they think they can get a free manicure, want to be your best friend.  Maybe it's just me.

 This isn't my best work as far as mani's go, but I absolutely love the color and wanted to show it to you.     This is Orly ***  and it is a glorious I love how it just seems to glow in sun and shade.  It's a very rich and sultry color don't you think?
I used OPI ridge filler for my basecoat then applied two coats of ***  Application was smooth and easy, no
 The failure came when I tried to freehand my half moons on with black acrylic paint.  I would have been a lot better off using some kind of template or guide.  Ah well, at least from a distance they didn't look all that bad,  I could only stand to keep it on for one day though. I'll have to do better next time, I really do like the look of the half moon mani. 

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  1. Gorgeous colors! I love that orly polish! Doesn't look like a fail to me!


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