Sunday, October 16, 2011

Green Ooze

When I was a child I would plot and plan my costume for weeks.  The highlight of my career so to speak was a geisha costume in which I used an authentic Japanese kimono that my mother had acquired in her travels.  I had long hair that we rolled around black socks to achieve the elaborate hairstyle and I used silver tape over paperclips to create the delicate hair pieces.  White face paint, black eyeliner and red lipstick helped finish the look.  I can remember the whole thing clearly, unfortunately I've no pictures of the event or I would share them with you.  Instead you get a picture of a Halloween manicure. 

With Halloween on the horizon I think a bit of fun is in order so I present to you my Green Ooze manicure.
 I used Finger Paints Senery Greenery as my base color.  It's a lovely true green creme polish.  It applied beautifully and could almost be one coat wonder. I however used two coats. 
 For the ooze I used China Glaze It's Alive, a lovely olive green mixture of fine and medium glitter in a clear olive base.  It's very saturated in color and glitter so buildup is easily accomplished.
To achieve the look I applied a "french tip" of varying widths to each nail then dragged the "ooze" back on the nail to simulate drips. 
I'm rather pleased with the outcome, a fun but not overtly themed manicure. 


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