Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Taming the Beast - pic heavy

With Color Club's Alias being such a mess, it only lasted one day, but rather than removing it, I figured I'd use it as a base to play around with. I hope you like the finished look, I know I really do.
 It was super easy, the first step was to take Wet n Wild Black Cream and sponge the tips and up the edges to give a gradient french. 
 Then I sponged OPI Grape...Set...Match over the entire nail using a light touch towards the base so a hint of Alias came through.
 Lastly I took OPI Servin' Up Sparkle and did two coats over everything. 
 I just love the shine from the holographic glitter and hexes.
 Here it is in the shade, you can see the base colors a bit better.
 Pretty pretty pretty!
One final blur shot so you can see all the rainbow prettiness.  Can I just say again how much I love this?  I'm glad I was able to take a hot mess and turn it into something gorgeous.  Thanks so much for stopping by and reading, until next time, have a lovely one!


  1. i love it! great job and perfect gradient. <3

  2. *drool* I love glitters, LOL!! lovely blingy mani!!

  3. Thank you imobsessedwithnails and Gottwinkies, I'm really happy with how this turned out, it's nice to know that others like it too!


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