Sunday, November 7, 2010

Catching Up

OhMyGosh, Thank god it's Sunday and my 8 day work week with 12 hour shifts if finally over! I was getting up at 2 in the morning to be to work by 4, talk about tired.
My poor hands haven't looked this bad in ages. Between the charcoal from chem suits, physically inspecting gas masks and airmans manuals and just the overall grit and grime my hands were a mess, my cuticles got so torn up that I was applying nu-skin every other hour or so.
The whole week was absolute hell. It was a huge inspection so everyone was freaking out and over reacting. I got yelled at for doodling in a notebook, Locked my keys in my car, had to get shots, one of which was tetnus which left my arm really sore for a couple of days...Just one of those weeks where one thing after another hits you.
Thursday I called my boyfriend and asked if I could buy myself some nail polish to cheer myself up. He laughed and said I don't have to ask permission (which I don't, but if he says yes, which he always does, I don't feel guilty about spending money on polish) and that if it made me happy to go for it. Wheeeee! Love my guy! Here's what I got.

I've been using OPI Ridge Filler and love it but want to see how this works. And I'm constantly in search of a perfectly awesome quick dry top coat.

I'm sure the Orly Holiday Collection polishes need no introduction, I used Winter Wonderland and Meet Me Under the Mistletoe to create a French on my daughter. Looove love Winter Wonderland but was kind of disappointed by MMUtM, the green isn't quite what I was expecting from all the pics and it's goes on pretty sheer.
I'm not sure how familiar people are with Velvet Rope. I understand that it's from the Hot Stuff Collection but other than that I've no clue. It's a lovely purple with silver glitter though.

My absolute FAVORITE polishes for the season here!!!
There's nothing terribly exceptional about the Sparkle Top Coat, It's exactly what the name implies and doesn't bother going any extra distance.
Holly Good Times on the other hand is my all time personal fave and I think the star of this little show with it's red and gold glitter.
Mulberry Madness is pretty in bottle but in a quick test, appears to dry to a satin finish which I think detracts from the effect. Maybe some people like sparkles in an un-shiny polish (think CG Flying Dragon) but I'm just bummed because I was expecting two things from the holiday collection, glitter and shine and that just doesn't translate onto the nail even with a clear top coat.
Where Holly Good Times is Holiday Barbie, Winter Wishes is Skipper, (you know, the cute one.) It reminds me of the cardamom & sugar mixture that I make to sprinkle on toast. It's a nice neutral sparkle.

Last but not least, some Color Club & Savvy. I'm just going to say it...Coverd in Diamonds (my bottle at least) is for lack of a better word, craptastic. The formula is painfully thick and doesn't apply well at all, the bottle I purchased has a frayed brush and the flakes don't lay down well at all. I was left with ragged edges and pokey parts.
Wild and Willing is gorgeous! A lovely copper duo-chrome, it shifts in bottle through shades of pink, green, yellow and copper. Pretty pretty!
Savvy's Mango is a pretty cream that I'm currently wearing. I'm debating taking pictures because of the state my hands are in but we'll see.

Stay tuned, swatches to come and if you haven't already, join my give away!

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, ciao!


  1. I love the finger paints! Mulberry Madness is sooo pretty!

  2. Pretty Haul! Holly Good Time sounds right up my alley! I just can't wait to get my butt to Sally's and buy myself a little Christmas prezzie. :) Let me know how the Finger Paints work for you? :)

  3. Hey, I'm using the Orly Ridge Filler right now, it dries pretty fast which I like but I wouldn't call it exceptional. =/ I love those Finger Paints!!! OMG, those are probably limited edition and if I really truly love them I will be going to get them tonight! =)

  4. Toesthattwinkle: Now that I'm wearing Mulberry Madness as a mani I am loving it, it just needs an extra top coat.

    JQ: Holly Good Times is a must have in my book, get thee to Sally's!!

    Aggie: I'm in agreement with you so far. The Orly Ridge Filler is ok, but not great. As for the Holiday Finger Paints...Must Haves for sure.


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