Monday, November 8, 2010

Much Needed Maintanance and Mulberry Madness

For the last week my feet and hands have been sadly neglected and abused. My poor feet have been stuffed into combat boots for 14+ hours a day with no further consideration and I told you about my poor abused hands already.
With today being cold, gray and rainy I figured it would be a great time to rectify the neglect. After I took off my old polish I hopped in a nice warm shower for a long soak and at the very end when everything was softened up I grabbed my Mr Pumice bar and took it to the soles of my feet, sloughing off all the built up nastiness. I love the way my feet feel so soft and smooth when I'm done, I swear by my Mr. Pumice (available at Sally's).
Next I took cuticle oil (by No Lift Nails with Avocado, Almond & 'E') to my fingers and toes and let it sit for a few minutes before using an orange stick to gently push back my cuticles and scrap the nail around the cuticle areas and under the nail as well. after that I used cuticle nippers to cut off any skin snags from my torn up cuticles and the cuts I sustained during the week. It was a hot mess!
Then it was time for lotion, Curel Intensive is my go to of choice and m poor hands were so dry that I actually had to do this a couple of times for my hands to feel right again.
Lastly, I rubbed in some Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme. Yummy! Don't you just wish that you could find a pastry that tastes like this stuff smells?
After letting that settle it was polish time, I used a q-tip and acetone (so as not to dry out my newly moisturized skin to clean the nail and applied my new Orly Ridge Filler, let that dry and applied two coats of Finger Paints Mulberry Madness followed by two coats of Seche.
You'll have to forgive the pictures, as said, it's a gray day, not a smidgen of sun to be seen so these pictures are taken under my Ott lamp.
Any unhappiness I had with Mulberry Maddness' lack of shine is resolved by the two coats of Seche. There is still a little texture from the glitter but other than that...I wish you could see this in real life. It just glows. Sooooo pretty and sparkly! It's my second favorite after Holly Good Times. It's drying out way too fast though, I've had the bottle open three times and it's getting kinda goopy and in need of some thinner.
Ahhhhh, I feel human again!

Thanks for reading and if you haven't already entered my little give away you only have until tomorrow to do so. The winner is announced on the 11th. Until next time, ciao!


  1. that sounds really nice, I need to do that for my hands and feet this weekend too! Mulberry Madness looks great, even if it was not great to apply!

  2. Thank you for your service and everything you do and wearing those boots for waay too many hours I truly appreciate it.

    You're nails are killer!

  3. Love that shade of polish on you. As soon as the heat has to go on my skin gets so dry. I have a paddle from Sally Hansen to scrub my feet with. All that dry skin comes off thank goodness. I like to use a body butter but I have so much lotion to use up I went with that. I'll never buy so much stuff at Bath & Body Works again. I think I've been using this stuff for at least 4 years. Some of the lotions are thinning out. My cuticles really suffer. I had lots of cutting this week and I cut too much off. Sore fingers. You have gorgeous nails!

  4. Lucy,
    Oh I know about the heat and dry hands. I have to have lotion in almost every room during the winter. You sound like me and Bath & Body Works. I love love their stuff but found out after buying a ton of lotions that it makes me break our Now it's just for hands and even then I have so many it's hard to use it all.
    I'm still cutting snags off my cuticles from last week. They're such a mess.


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