Wednesday, November 17, 2010

LA Colors 'Atomic"

Here is a pretty cool color. LA Color's Atomic. These pictures are not color accurate. Even though I played with the settings they came out a lot more green than the actual polish which is undeniably an aqua blue. It's still pretty though.
I mentioned in my last post that I got a bunch of LA Colors for a dollar and I am so glad I did. This is the second polish of the brand that I've tried and I love the formula. It's not too thick or too thin, is super smooth going on and just overall a great polish experience. I'm sold.
This is two coats and I actually was feeling rather lazy...and sick, so rather than removing Mega Watt I just applied Atomic over it. I guess technically that means I have 6 layers of polish on here. A base coat, three of Mega Watt and two of Atomic. o_O This has got to be a record for me. Of course the laziness carried over to my cleanup which I didn't bother doing so sorry it's a rather ragged mess.

Ug, so I mentioned I'm getting sick, I started feeling it coming on this morning and it's actually really getting me down because I have a glowga party (in this case, a party where you decorate yourself with glow paint and dance under black lights) this Saturday that I've been looking forward to going to for almost two months now.

I even picked up some new LA Girl Disco nail colors for the event. It's supposed to glow under black light so it would be perfect. I was thinking I'd do my face & body paint as a stylized Na'vi (Avatar). So would do my nails as a zebra stripe on a glow base. In my head the whole look is pretty cool so needless to say, I'm going to be beyond disappointed if I can't go because I'm sick.

So a rather short entry today, I'm feeling rather pathetic so I'm going to go take a hot bath with eucalyptus salts, make myself a pot of tea and then climb into bed under my heating blanket and think positive thoughts for health by Saturday. Wish me luck.

Thanks for reading (me whine), until next time, Ciao!


  1. I love love love this color! Its so vibrant, and it looks super smooth! Feel better!

  2. Toesthattwinkle! - It's it great. Can't beat it for the price too. Thanks for the well wishes. Still thinking positive thoughts!


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