Friday, November 19, 2010

Gold n' Bamboo the evolution of a mani

It all began when I took my last polish off and found myself in a bit of a rut. I figured I should at least get a bit of color on so I applied two coats of Orly Winter Wonderland. It was lovely, gleaming like new snow. But the more I looked at it the more I wanted something more...

So I took Color Club's Wild and Willing and free handed myself a French tip (I like a deeper 'c' curve then the guides give).
Wild and Willing is a duo-chrome that makes me think of new pennies. It's copper with a hint of pink. In the bottle you see gleams of yellow and just a hint of verdigris. It's also very sheer. It took about four coats to make it smooth and pretty.
I liked this, it made me think of fall leaves in an early snow. Maybe a little more though...

Here we are, a deeper copper line done with my Color Club nail stripper in Russet . I thought I was done but all the sudden a little voice in my head said...


And so I made my first attempt at bamboo using acrylic paints.
I haven't yet decided if I should have stopped with the stripe, but it is rather fun. Thanks for coming with me on my little journey through my mani evolution. I hope you have a lovely day. Until next time, ciao!

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