Monday, November 22, 2010

There She Glows

I'm still here, just a behind in my polishing and posting with the gray weather and illness. I managed to summon the energy to go to the glowga dance party Saturday night and have been recovering since. I'm so glad to be feeling better though. Now I can get back in the saddle and get all the stuff that slid last week done. I'm soooo behind on projects and mailings. EEP!

So the party was a blast. We boogied for three hours and I ended up worn out but in good spirits. It's always good to be around friends and family (it was a b-day party).

I had to rethink my full body Na'vi look due to the limited supplies. There were tons of tubes of the washable glow paint, then two pallets (6 colors) of neon glow paint and two cakes of white glow paint. I decided to see what I could manage with the purple neon. It came out looking more like tribal face tattoos (scary) than Na'vi but the effect was pretty cool (especially compared to other peoples masks, hand prints, dots and whatnot.

It was even more impressive once they turned off all the lights.

As for the polish. ...Yeeeah, not so much. I had purchased the L.A. Girl Disco Brites since they say right on the front of the bottle "Black Light Nail Polish" I did a white base with purple 'stripes', I use the term loosly because I waited to the last minute and instead of doing a pretty job with a detail brush I just used the bottle brush to try and make stripes...and some green splotches.

Here is what they looked like under an Ott lamp (no clean up, like I said, all last minute.)

Here it is under a black light.

Yeah, not so much. The white (of course) and green was fine but I am really not impressed at all with the purple. As you can see my nails are right next to the light. They had to be to get any amount of glow off the purple.
My daughter was wearing Mood Struck color change polish in L.Green to Light Yellow and Hoooooboy did they glow (she couldn't be bothered with pictures as she was too busy running around with her friend.) I was so jealous!
So my experience/opinion. Don't bother with the Disco brights colors . Yeah they're only 3USD but it's really not worth it, you can accomplish the same thing with a cheap (read 1USD) white nail polish and most likely the same on a neon green/yellow.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my little event. I know I enjoyed going. I leave you with my full ensemble. Until next time, ciao!

Glow On!!
(I gots me lightbulb feet, we know my socks are clean.)


  1. Wow! This looks like my kind of B-day party! Super cool! :)

  2. you nailed it & JQ It was so much fun. It was the boyfriends mom's 50th b-day party. I hope I'm that cool when I'm 50!


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