Tuesday, November 16, 2010

LA Colors Mega Watt

As of late it's been mostly overcast and I've found myself painting my nails in the evening so not a lot of sunlight. I get the feeling that a lot of my forthcoming pictures will be taken by Ott light.

The other day I stopped off at my local Dollar Tree (two of them actually) and found some polishes to add to my collection.

Pardon the dings and the icky cuticles that I only seem to notice after pictures are taken.
This if LA Color Mega Watt. I don't usually do sheers, and in the bottle, it looked like it would come out more opaque but I think it's actually rather pretty and would be great with a french tip.
For a dollar nail polish I was really impressed with the application. I had my usual sheer issue of getting consistent coverage, but the formula was nice and smooth with no drag. I've got three coats on here so I really don't think you could ever get it opaque.
This is a nice nude color and although you can't see it very well (at all) in the pics it has a pretty pink pearlescent shimmer to it.

This is my first LA Color polish but I'm kinda excited to see how the others work out. Any of my readers that are fans of this polish? Is it a good one?

Thanks for reading, until next time. Ciao!

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