Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Accent colors

Polish Hoarder always has these wonderful challenges where she supplies the theme and you supply the creativity. I love seeing what people come up. Last week she had a Color Accent challenge where you could only use black, white and grays and one pop of color. I couldn't participate since we were getting ready to go and actually on vacation, but it interested me enough that I really wanted to give it a whirl.
If you want to see a video tutorial for plaid nails, I pretty much stole this from Nails by Asami. I just thought the look would be perfect.

Now that I've done plaid nails I can say that I like them. How about you, have you tried them?

Whoops, forgot to mention what color I used (thanks peripatetic33). American Apparel Factory Grey is my base, the white and black stripes are Stripe Rite and I actually started using the bright green Stripe Rite for the green but it didn't pop enough so I went over it with Finger Paints Guggen I'm Lime (love that name).


  1. I havent done plaid nails in forever. Used to practice a lot in schooling (Nail Tech) but no one ever really mastered it. Very hard to do consistently on each nail.
    You did quite well!

  2. I loved Asami's tutorial on this. She makes me sick with her mad skills though.

    You've got some skils yourself. I wanted to try this plaid technique out myself, but I can never agree on a color/finish combination for the manicure.

  3. Wow these are sooo original i'm going to have to try this! Mine will no doubt be a botched job lol!

    follow me too :)


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