Monday, July 19, 2010


I love green. I mean I really love green. Green is one of my happy colors that just makes me all jolly inside when I see it. Green is versatile, it can be bright and cheerful or deep and exotic and lets face it, green is sexy.

So as mentioned in a previous blog, I had to spend some time in uniform. My fingernails were a subtle fail but weren't the artistic venture that I've become acustomed too. So I had to make do with kicking the toe nails up a notch.
Can you guess what color I used??...

Oh come on, guess...

Yup, you guessed it. Green!

I used the sponge method with one shade of yellow and four shades of green as well as a green goblin-y glitter that I adore.
I love the way they turned out and have been wearing my green skirts since Saturday so my skirts and toes match. Unfortunately I haven't gone any place where they can be noticed. Maybe the library tomorrow.
I know you probably already know all about the sponge technique, but just because I love this color combination so much I think I'm going to work up a tutorial on it.
Something to look forward to perhaps?? I think so.

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