Monday, July 26, 2010

She's back!

We've returned from California, pulling into the driveway at about five o'clock Monday morning. I promptly fell into bed for the next six hours (nothing makes you appreciate your own bed more than not sleeping in it for a few nights).
I was hoping to get a bunch of swatching done in the afternoon, but while I was getting the first color on the sun disappeared behind a thick layer of clouds and refused to make another appearance for the day.
I did get pictures of the polish I picked up in California. I was rather surprised to find these actually, the Boardwalk of Venice Beach doesn't really sound like someplace where you can get nail polish, but you can and I'm glad.

American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Manila, Factory Grey and Pinto. Then Manic Panic in After Midnight and Unicorn.

I will get to Show n' Tell just as soon as the sun comes out.

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