Saturday, July 17, 2010

My military nail fail

When worn, nail polish will be conservative, a single color or a French manicure that is natural or clear with white tips, and in good taste. The polish will not contain any ornamentation.

That is a summary of how your nails should look when you're in uniform...

Yeah, I think I failed on that one. I was surprised though, I went to renew my registration on the jeep and was complimented on them.

Edited to add that my base color was OPI's Burmese Blush, the stripes were done with Stripe Rite white and gold (not the glitter).


  1. Beautiful! Whether the military appreciates your mani or not.

    So what kinds of colors are appropriate? Are we talking about nudes only, or can you get away with dusty purples (like Essie's Angora Cardi) or are they mostly pinks? Like would your base color have been appropriate before you added the "ornamentation?"

  2. The regulation actually specifically states no purples or reds (I don't think there were blue, greens etc. out when the reg was written.) I actually did a french mani once with a sheer purple, you could barely see it unless the light hit it just right...Well the light hit it just right at some point and I saw an eyebrow or two go up so I changed it that night.
    Basically, if it's anything that actually calls attention to your nails, it's to much. So yeah we're pretty much stuck with nudes, pale pinks and the standard french. My base color would have been fine all alone.


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