Tuesday, July 27, 2010

American Apparel 'Factory Grey'

Here is one of the polishes that I picked up while on vacation in California and probably my favorite.
American Apparel Nail Lacquer in Factory Grey is a wonderful gray creme with maaaybe just the barest hint of pink.
The consistency is perfect, not too thick, not too thin so application is a dream. You get perfect coverage in two easy coats and it dries with an almost vinyl shine. Gorgeous! It's a perfect gray for wearing alone or (teaser) using as a base for some pretty nail art. It really allows an accent color to pop.
My only complaint is the bottle, since it's so narrow I was in constant fear that I'd tip it over.

Yesterday as I was swatching all my polish on nail wheels I discovered that I am sadly lacking in gray polish. I only have two that could be considered true grays. I actually find that kind of sad and have every intention of rectifying the situation.
How about you, where do you stand with gray polish?


  1. i love it! i can't decide which 3 polishes to get from AA, your swatch makes me think maybe this is one of them!!

  2. Hi Smita,
    I would recommend it, of the three polishes I got from American Apparel this is my fav. I'm eager to try others though so if you pick up something different let me know how you like it.

  3. Probably one of, or the best, grey swatches Ive seen. Quite lovely.


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