Friday, July 23, 2010


Greetings from California!! After a 15 hour drive we arrived to gray skies. I thought it was smog but I'm happy to report it's just a cloud cover that rolls in off the ocean during the night. It usually burns off by about 1:00. And yes, I am sunburned. Other than that, It's beautiful. We're staying about three blocks away from Venice Beach. Today we did nothing more than shop on the Boardwalk.
I've been on the lookout for new polishes and I've found some from Manic Panic and American Apparel. I'll show them off once I'm home since I didn't bring the stuff to do a polish change here. (My Artistic Azure is a bit dull with a tiny bit of tip wear, but still going strong!)
Anywho, on with the main topic of this post which I wrote up before I left home...

LunatiKitty has recently had several posts involving Quirus nail polishes.
Since I'm pretty new to this nail stuff I wasn't surprised when I hadn't ever heard of them, so I went polish hunting and discovered Q.R.S. Beauty.
Honestly, I was expecting high priced polish, imagine my surprise and delight to see that they were amazingly affordable. $3. for a single .5 Fl Oz. bottle and $15 for a set of 6. Shipping was exceptionally reasonable and gloriously quick as well.
I'll give a full mani run down of each color in later entries but as of this moment I've single nail tested a few of the colors and find the formula smooth and easy to work with. The finishes vary from gloss to a semi matte that is just fun (they don't really tell you though so it's a toss up) and for the most part, coverage is excellent in two coats.
All in all I've been absolutely delighted with my order and have every intention of purchasing from them again...soon. :)

Here is what I got:
Photo on the right, Quirius Set 03 Blossom which includes (from left to right) Nubba Dubba, Ok is Me, Chastity, Violet Pink, Royal Love, Lavender Bouquet.

Photo on the left, Caribbean Turquoise (this is one yummy blue), News of the Beloved (My free gift), Royal Glitter, Russian Red, Decades of Shades and Red Square (this color is a wonderful surprise, more on it later).

Please keep in mind that I purchased these polishes, I was not given them nor paid to endorse them (I wish). So this is my honest, unpaid opinion of the company and these polishes. I'm sure that should you choose to visit their store you will encounter the same experience

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