Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Bit of Bling

The fam and I are leaving for LA Wednesday night!! Four days for the beach and window shopping. Of course Katy Perry's California Girls keeps running through my head but I'll leave the Daisy Duke's, bikini on top to the daughter.
We finally found and bought her a swimsuit for the trip. After we got home she showed me how it looked. They eyebrow went up and the mom voice came out with "That's an awful lot of skin". The daughter's response was "It's cute with room to worry". *Sigh*
We actually ran several errands and the last two of the day were Ulta and Nordstrom's Rack. I was wanting to spice things
up with my make-up while we're gone and these caught my eye.

The two Savina polishes I got at the Rack, the other items were purchased at Ulta. Not a single item was over $6! Do I know how to shop or what?!
Being the absolute girl that I am, I barely made it home before testing out the glitter. Oh la la! (That's actually what is on the lid of the glitter creme) It's not what I consider a creme but that is some potent glitter! Since it was on end of the day face you'll have to take my word for it at the moment because I wasn't about to take pictures. I have to say the glitter liner is my favorite. It has an "Oh look, sparkly" effect without being overpowering. I love me some bling, but I'm not usually all that into my make-up screaming "HERE I AM, LOOKEE ME!!" Yeah yeah, I know, this coming from the girl that bought a glitter pallet.

Now here's where I get a little naughty. I stayed up way to late and by the time I actually went to bed...washing my face was the furthest thing from my mind. I know, I know, sinner! dodges the thrown items But truth be told, I woke up this morning looking fabulous! The glitter liner had set my regular liner like nothing else and it hadn't budged an inch and the glitter (gold at the inner corners of my eyes) was pretty well in place too. So much in fact that even post face washing it had done little more than move about the rest of my face and I looked like I should have been wearing feathers and sequins in Vegas (but that's another Katy Perry song altogether). I had to use olive oil and cotton squares to get it off. Tooo fun though, I'm excited to keep playing with it while we're in Cali. Wish me safe travels and a safer return. Ciao!

The, glitter shot. Yeah! BLING BABY!!

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