Monday, July 19, 2010

This polish made possible by...

Thanks to Scrangie and her "Quite possibly the most important post ever" I see the brilliance in holding onto your older polishes. You can restore them!!
It's been a few years but I am once again admiring the multi faceted color of OPI's Amethyst Abyss on my nails.
I'm new enough to the technical side of nails to be sure, but I believe this is a duo-chrome. Meaning, (correct me if I'm wrong here) that there is more than one hue or color that shows up. In this case, there are beautiful shades of purple (of course), pink, gold and green. It's really amazing and had my boyfriend quite perplexed for several moments as he held my hand and moved it every which way as he contemplated the color shift.
This was my first ever salon quality nail polish purchase. I think I got it some time in 2000. There was a salon supply shop next to my work (the kind where you have to have a license to purchase anything) but the lady that was the manager let us come over and get things under the table. Believe me, on my newly single mother income there is no way I could have afforded it otherwise. Of course back then I didn't know the gift that I was being given in that opportunity, otherwise I'm sure I would have eaten a lot more ramen noodles and bought a LOT more polish believe you me!
My love for this polish wouldn't let me throw it out when it began to thicken to the point where one nail application caused long strings of polish or when it started to seem more like I was applying a thick gooey putty to my nails. Regular nail polish thinner worked for maybe one application but then it was back to goop. Even when it didn't get closed properly and leaked enough polish to seal the lid on I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of it. Instead I would sit and admire the fluctuations of color in the bottle before heaving a mighty sigh and putting it back.
Saturday I made my first trip ever to Ulta beauty store (A veerry dangerous place that!) and picked up a bottle of Seche Restore Thinner. I kept putting drops in the lid and sitting it upside down to soften the spill that sealed it in the first place. As is, it took over an hour for it to soften the polish in the lid enough for me to get it off. After that it was a good clean up with some acetone then the addition of more Seche Restore to the polish it's self. I am a believer, a follower, whatever! This is one product that will forever be in my nail arsenal.
In addition to my Amethyst Abyss the Seche Restore has saved five other bottles of thick, goopy, stringy polishes that would have otherwise sat in exile to be admired in the bottle only. Many thanks to Scrangie and her excellent post!!

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