Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ho Hum nails

I get to do a few days here and there in uniform for the Air Force. Last week it was Thursday thru Sunday and this week it's Thursday and Friday.
Thing is, in uniform they're very specific on what you can or rather can't do with your nails. (The can't do list is much longer than the can do.)
While I was on active duty for three years I either had an acrylic french or my natural nails unpainted but rebelled in my own way by having bright toes. Now that I've been off orders for a long while I've gotten used to having my flashy fingers.
Last week I had the most muted, pale pink nails I've had in a long while and they nearly put me to sleep every time I looked at them.
I've been looking at my collection of polishes, the blues and purples, the deep, bold reds, the vibrant greens and cheery yellows and oranges and wondering what to do. Do I add some flash to a basic pink and hope I can get away with it or do I just suck it up and keep it boring. It's only two days.
In other news, our Walgreens is having a sale on Sally's Xtreme wear, two for $4. The daughter and I picked up some fun colors. I think they'll be way fun for water marbling.


  1. What happens if you are non-compliant with your nails? Do they make you remove the polish right then and there?

    I too have picked up quite a few of the Xtreme polishes at Walgreens. Totally worth it at $2 a pop, because I think the normal $2.99 price is a touch high for a 0.34 bottle of polish.

  2. I've been pulled aside by my First Shirt and told that my nails are out of regulation and to fix them by next day. I was wearing a lovely red, the exacts I don't recall.
    If you don't fix yourself as instructed they start hauling you in the office and giving you letters of counseling, letters of reprimand etc but I've never let it go past the verbal.


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