Saturday, October 23, 2010

Color Club Nothing but Truffle

We had about an hour of sun today, otherwise it's been overcast and rainy. But with that bit of sun I managed some pictures so as promised, here is Nothing but Truffle. I decided that I'm categorizing it as a chocolaty red, very deep and very rich. What do you think?

Did you notice? You're getting to see my before now never seen right hand! (Pardon the "I forgot to moisturize" cuticles.) The reason being that I have another mani going on my left hand that was also waiting on pictures. That and a tutorial for the look will be my next post.
Anyway, This is actually three coats of polish, all which applied beautifully. I forgot to do a quick dry top coat last night and woke up with some dings and sheet marks hence the third coat but if you were careful, this could almost be a one coat polish. It's a little on the thick side but it's not unmanageable. If you're looking for something dark with a hidden shimmer to it I think this would work well for Konading.

Off topic, I was hanging out on my computer last night and got interrupted. Apparently Toulouse thought I needed a break.

You all have a great rest of the weekend and until next time, ciao!


  1. Toesthattwinkle: Oooo, I may have to try that next time, I bet it would be really pretty.


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