Saturday, October 16, 2010

Frankie goes to Utah

The green I used was Nina Ultra Pro 'Leaf Me Alone' the black tips are Orly 'Liquid Vinyl' and the details are acrylic paint.
I've been inspired by the cute little Frankensteins that have been making their appearances on numerous blogs and decided to attempt my own.
I wanted to have him peeking over the edge of my nail rather than full face. What do you think?


  1. I love this look! The green and black is cute on its own, but the little face really does totally make it rock! I also love that he's cross-eyed!

    His face reminds me of the monster nails I did for Etsy! (They're on my September 17, 2010 post on my blog!) I had fun with them, and they have googly eyes! 20 different monsters (maybe more, depending on how you count them) peeking in from all areas of the nail, some with 2 eyes, some with 1, some with lots!

    I got a bit carried away. :D

  2. this is adorable! My nails aren't nearly long enough, but I'll be on the lookout to make sure frankie doesn't end up here in the Cache valley!

  3. ABOP, thanks, It really is a leafy greem and on it's own would be great for spring, but add the black and it's downright ghoulish.

    Laynie, OMG I loved your little monsters with the googly eyes. I was tempted to try them on this guy but they'd get knocked right off being so close to the nail edge.

    Aggie, *makes monster noises and walks the monster stiff legged walk* They're cooooommminnnngggg. :)

  4. this is ADORABLE! I love this manicure!

  5. Hehehe :D
    This made me smile when I saw it!
    You've got great skills!
    Love it!


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