Friday, October 15, 2010

Have Yourself a Glamourous Halloween

So my Halloween nails have leaned towards whimsical and fun, but I wanted to do some more glamorous looks as well. Here I've created a French Curve manicure, I'm not sure if that's a name but it is now because I don't know what else to call it.
Using Color Club Revvolution I put down my base coat. Then I used a French guide to create the curve but instead of having it go across the tip of the nail I placed it on a diagonal.
From there I used that beautiful baked pumpkin color, China Glaze Cross Iron to paint up the side and over the tip. After I peeled off the guides I took my Stripe Rite gold (not the glitter and used it to go over the seam, covering any glitches that may have happened.
Finally, I took the little metallic hex's and used them over the gold on just the ring finger. A top coat and I was done.


  1. Very pretty, a nice alternative to the many black and orange mani's we see this time of year.

  2. this one is so pretty! I love the little hexes you added, really adds something

  3. Lady M, thank you. That's what I was hoping to achieve.

    Thanks Aggie, they were a bit of a bugger to get on there all neat and tidy but it was well worth the effort when all was said and done.


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