Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The "She Made It" Give Away

Well I don't know about you, but I want to do a give away and my 50 follower is just going too slow.
So here's the deal, as you know I'm on on military duty this week. They extended my orders so it's actually going to be 8 days of 12 hour shifts. Kiiilllllerrrr.
With my insomnia, I'm lucky to catch maybe 3 hours of sleep. Iiiinnnsaaannneee!!!
What's more, I have had the same polish on since Friday night (China Glaze Ingrid) and it's making me Ccraaaaaaaaazy!
SOOoooooo, If I can survive this I'm going to have a "She made it!" give away. Something small but fun.
My orders are over Saturday so I'll announce whether or not I survived and the items in the give away come Monday. (I'm thinking a couple of polishes, some nail stickers and one or two other items.)
You must be a follower to enter and you get an extra entry for sharing about my give away on your blog. Just share the link to your blog entry where you mention it in a comment on this or Monday's post.
So it's Wednesday now, three more days to go. Think I can make it?!?!?!

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