Friday, October 1, 2010

Jade, I think I like you...lots

October already?!? Time sure flies when you're having fun...actually it just flies period. Since I had to take off my lovely half moon manicure in preparation for my military weekend I figured I'd swatch a little.

Jade's Invisible Attachment is another polish I got in my little happy haul. You're all aware that I'm a sucker for green and this one just looked so pretty amid a multitude of pinks and reds where someone had put it down out of place.
Once I got it home I was a little afraid it would turn into either a super sheer or a brush stroke from the netherworld frost. I'm pretty darn pleased to say that aside from just a wee bit of brush stroke, this is a really good formula and I plan on purchasing more Jade polishes to see if that is the rule for the brand.

Neither too thick or too thin, it went on super smooth, no streaks, no drag, two coats leaves a bit of a visible nail line but unlike my lazy self, you could just apply a third coat to take care of it. I just prefer to use two coats when I can get away with it because I always seem to ruin my mani before it can dry when I use more.
It almost looks like it should be glow in the dark but it's softer, more pastel. All in all I'm really glad I got this and it's one of the less expensive brands of salon polish. I paid less than $3 for it.


  1. This is really pretty on you! Glad it wasn't too sheer bc it's a great color.

  2. Thanks ABOP, Isn't it though. :)

  3. you can tell it went on well:D


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