Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Designs by the Daughter

I'm having a bit of a guest artist today because I walked into the kitchen the other night and caught my 15 year old daughter working on a couple of nail designs.

She said this was her version of a water marble. I'm going to need to find out her technique because I think this is pretty cool.

These are her school colors and a Jaguar paw print. Pretty cute eh?

She used a little black rhinestone in the center of the paw.

Thanks for stopping by and until next time, ciao!


  1. Hello Anita. I just have to tell you thanks for stopping in to my blog. Why do we live so far away from each other?? I was cruising your blogs, and scoping your profile and we seriously need to be friends. Tennant's Cassanova? Are you kidding me?? I LOVE YOU! Craftypantscooksalot? So much awesome. We might be twins. You have chickens! I miss the chickens and the fresh eggs Oh my! Okay I am rambling. I would have sent this in an e-mail but I couldn't find one. :p

    Cheers! <3

  2. Savannah,
    My daughter says thank you and got all giddy and shy about it. I think she may be glowing just a bit. :)
    One email coming up!!


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