Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Orly Witches Blue from this witch to you

With a name like Witches Blue how could I not post this color? What's more, I'm completely infatuated. This is one of those colors that suits me to a "T". It makes my finger look long, slender and as lovely and pale as a White Court vampire (Jim Butcher Dresden Files reference, HIGHLY recommend if you're into fantasy novels) I just love it!
I've been wearing this for about three days now and I'm not sick of it. I think this needs to go into my top ten favorite polishes list.
Application was amazing, I used my OPI Ridge Filler as the base and while I wouldn't say this is a one coat wonder, it is wonderfully opaque, smooth applying, none streaky and beautiful at two coats. This is topped it with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat and I love the glassy finish.


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