Thursday, March 24, 2011

China Glaze Atlantis

I would have loved to have featured this as a Worth Repeating polish but it may be getting to be hard to find.  My regular online spots and Amazon are both out of stock, get it now if you can because it's well worth it. 
Check out the holo of that glitter.  

When Atlantis first came out (Specialty Collection 2009)  it was a big hit and it's completely understandable why.  The lovely ultramarine tinted base is punctuated with a large quantity of holographic glitter and builds up beautifully. 
Like a rainbow in a bottle isn't it.

Since it requires building up for a more opaque look it's suitable for using as a top coat or as a stand alone polish.
Over Ulta Envy 

If you're using it as a stand alone be prepared to use at least four coats.  I've got four thin ones here and you can still see a visible nail line.  You may prefer to use a coordinating base color under it for easy opacity.  It does have a rather grainy texture when dry so have a nice thick top coat on hand to smooth things out.

Removal is standard for glitter I didn't have any problem using the acetone and foil method, although I've heard some say it was a beast to remove. 
The diamonds are of course my own addition  and were such a perfect color match I couldn't resist.  I got mine at a local beauty supply but you should be able to find something similar online.  These need a pretty strong top coat to keep the corners from coming up and snagging.  

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  1. I would love to have this color. I saw it selling on ebay but too expensive. I think is a gorgeus gorgeus colour


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