Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Traditional Polish Over Soak Off Gel

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled nail post.

I've been conducting a little experiment on how long traditional polish will last over the soak off gel nails.  I applied two coats of OPI Black Cherry Chutney back on the evening of the 23rd with no base coat and followed by two coats of  Seche Vite and a bit of sillyness on the tips that you'll see in the pics but pretend isn't there because it didn't come out at all pretty.
This is what my nails looked like Saturday night.

I think I can safely say that the super high shine/slick surface of gel nails keeps traditional polish from adhering as well as it does to acrylics.  Obviously I have a high flex point on my index finger even with the additional strength of the gel.

Surprising enough the tips don't show much wear.  Of course it was a bit worse on my right hand but that's to be expected since I'm right handed

I removed the polish with non acetone remover and was thrilled with how simple the removal was.  On my right index finger I did discover this though.

As scary looking as it is, it's only gel deep.  Upon removal of the gel (which was blissfully easy in comparison to acrylics) I found the damage to my nail to be minimal.  

So so far I am pretty happy with the gel nails.  I am concerned that they aren't providing enough support though.  I have found my nail edges get rough quickly and I've developed a couple of snags.  That's not good since I chronically pick at them if I don't have a file handy.   I'm going to continue to work with them though to see if I can get them to work better for me since as of now I prefer them over acrylics.   My next test will be to see if by using a bonding base coat traditional polish will last longer.  I'll let you know.

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