Friday, March 4, 2011

Scented Polish, Fabulous or Flop?

Can you believe that we're almost done with the first week of March already??  Time does fly.

I want to thank everyone for entering My Katy Perry Collection give away.  (If you haven't entered it ends tonight at midnight my time (mountain standard time).  Find out more here!)  I'll be counting entries this weekend at work and will announce the winner come Monday. 

Now on with the polish post

I remember as a kid having a scented polish.  While I don't remember the specifics of it I'm sure it was supposed to be some fruity bit of fluff that was especially for the younger kids.  Of course it didn't really smell as good as the hype painted it but it wasn't quite as chemically as the regular stuff...which, not to date myself was back before the three free so was pretty darn stinky.
I haven't really taken note of any scented polishes until recently when I saw the Revlon line.  While most of the scents and colors didn't appeal I couldn't resist the temptation and have picked up a few.

 Here is Beach, a really nice yellowish green and we know how I love green.  Green beaches...not so much.  I did NOT love the scent on this one, not pleasant at all and while it wasn't the chemical smell of regular polish what ever beach they were basing the smell off is a place I don't want to visit. I wish they'd gone with a lemon, lime or green apple for this instead, the fruit scents are far better in my opinion.
 Super sheer, I stopped counting how many coats after the third.  Pretty sure I've got at least five here and check out that nail line.
I probably shouldn't have shaken it, bubbles are bad!

 Not So Blueberry has a distinctive fruity scent that while not exactly what I'd call blueberry, I really liked.  I'd be tempted to keep my fingers up my nose for this one. 
 Not a sheer as Beach thankfully, this is three maybe four coats.  That shimmer gets all over the place when you go to take it off though.
 The hearts came from Nicole by OPI's Step to the Beat of My <3

Finally Grape Icy (which was swatched awhile back on longer nails)
 This is my favorite color of the three.  Unfortunately the scent wasn't as strong as the other two but it is a very yummy if not cliche grape scent. 

All three have had a very thin consistency, which cause puddling around my cuticles and took several coats to achieve good coverage with Beach being the worst. 
I grabbed Grape Icy and Beach  a while back and just recently got Not So Blueberry, The scent can last up to two days which is as long as any of these lasted on nail. On my nail wheels the scent has lasted over a week but that's obviously not with hand washing, dishes, cleaning etc so I can't say much on that. 
These would be great for kids or anyone with a sensitive nose.  I know there is a Cherry and Raspberry scent with colors being what you'd expect as well as a blue, orange and a couple of other colors/scents as well.  If you have a problem with the smell of regular polish you may want to look into these as an option.

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading.  Wishing you a great day!


  1. I like all the colours. Normally the revlon nail polishes are good on my nails. I have 2 scented and they are nice.

  2. I own Not So Blueberry. I like it a lot. I think it smells like Kool-Aid :)


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