Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are You Ready for some Brightness?

This is Milani's Pyramid Passion and it's such a bright happy color. I think my picture makes it a bit too coral than it is but this is a vibrant, bright pink and there is no way you can look at your nails when they're this bright and not be happy.
Look at how vibrant it is. Most of what you see is pink, and oh how very pink it is, but if you look closer, no closer...cloooser. You'll see a beautiful purpilish fuchsia shimmer in there that is just so glam.
When I first put it on my nails my initial thought was "Hoooooboy, this is just a little much" but I actually love it. It's very flattering and honestly, I love the bright flash of color.
Application is actually quite good. This is two coats but I still see just the tiniest hint of my nail line so three may suit better for some. The brush is very narrow and doesn't spread well so I didn't care for that too much but overall I'm very pleased.


  1. ANITA!
    thanks for your comment on my post!
    I did not buy 65 Nfu-Oh polishes! just one!!! oh my goodness! I changed that right away ahah - I meant the number 65! it's like a blue holo polish - I wish they had names, the numbers make it so confusing!
    I bought it from

  2. Hey..i have a similar colour in colorbar- a very
    hot pink and i love it too...drop by my blog sometime


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