Sunday, August 22, 2010

Got's Me Da Baby Blues

Nubar Baby Blue that is. My baby is 15 and I'm ok with that.
Due to the fact that this is the only picture that turned out, it's the only one you get. :( Please pay no attention to my poor ignored cuticles *cringe*.
I'm actually quite enamored with this polish. It is the epitome of a baby blue, nice and soft and pale, something you'd envision a baby nursery being painted. It rather surprised me how very flattering it was on me. I don't usually think of pastels being my thing but I'm ok with being wrong.
This creamy polish went on with minimal streaking for the first coat and corrected out on the second.
Is it bad that I forget to count past the second coat? I can't remember whether this is a two or three coat picture...
This is actually my first Nubar polish. I must say, if all of them behave this nicely I'm sold. The place I picked this up is the only local location to carry them that I've found and has a very limited color range (like 20 colors maybe) so I'm going to have to branch to other avenues.
Do any of you like Nubar? Where do you get yours from?

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