Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Last night we were on our way to grandma's for dinner and I begged my boyfriend to make the side trip to K-mart in horrid, tail end of rush hour traffic at a turn signal that only lasted like three seconds. Talk about a great guy and all the more because it means I finally got my bottle of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure!! After all the places I've looked...K-mart, go figure. It was the last bottle. I think I stared at it for several moments before snatching it up because my brain wouldn't compute that I'd actually found it. I'm so in love with K-mart now.
After I got it I borrowed my daughters nails and tested it on them at a stop light. I didn't think that my polka dot mani would be a worthy base and she had a pale pink on. Sigh, Yes, all the hype was true.
Happy happy joy joy!!!!


  1. Yaaaaaaay for you!Can't wait to see what you'll combine it with!


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