Thursday, August 5, 2010

Hidden Treasure

Can I just overload you with glowing, fiery goodness?
As mentioned, I finally got my bottle of Sally Hansen's Hidden Treasure and am all prepared to share it with a figurative sense of course, the real thing,'s mine! My precious!
Um, cough, wow, not sure where that came from.
From the reviews that I'd read, I was knew the predominant color of the flakes in Hidden Treasure are orange and when I was thinking what color would show that off the best, purple was the first to come to mind. Not just any purple, but a deep, juicy, want to smear it all over your toast purple. So I present our backup color, Savvy in Deep Amethyst in three glorious coats.
So I applied two coats of Hidden Treasure and quickly realize that orange may be predominant but there are also flashes of green and gold that create a multi-dimensional glow that reminds me of my favorite semi-precious stone the opal. As far as Hidden Treasure is concerned the colors are reminiscent of the flickering glow deep within the Fire Opal.
Again, I am in love! Did I mention that I was in love?
I cold sit and stare at my nails all day. I'd just walk out into full sun and back inside to see how the light effected the play of the colors.
This is quite a hypnotic, "must stare at it" polish and I love it. Love it, love it love it!
If any of you are still wanting that bottle of Hidden Treasure but have given up hope, I urge you to pick up the search again, it's so worth it. Go check K-mart!!

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