Friday, August 27, 2010

Going Cuckoo

I must admit to a bit of frustration. I've been playing with my camera settings in an attempt to get a more true representation of colors for you. Yeah, it's just not going well. When I look at my screen and then my nails there is such a vast difference that isn't even funny. For my readers that have been doing this a while, if you have any tips they would be appreciated. With that I shall apologize for the failings but I refuse to let it get me down. One with the show!

This georgous polish is OPI's Cuckoo for this Color, part of their Swiss Collection. When I found the collection this was one of the top lusts of the bunch. It's a deep, shimmering teal that leans more to the green side than the blue.
I am in absolute love with the depth of the color on this one. This is three coats lacquer with one layer top coat and just look at that shimmer!
The first coat went on rather streaky but the second smoothed it out and the third just took care of any stubborn bald spots.

You may notice some bubbles, especially on the thumb but I don't blame the polish, rather the new drying drops I tried (Nail Life Aromatherapy Drop On Polish Dryer). It promises cuticle conditioning, speed drying and aromatherapy all in was not a great success, I wish I had purchased quick dry polish instead. I hold it responsible for the bubbling as well as the blergs that needed covering (hence the pretty nail stickers). It's good for your cuticles though, and it did smell quite nice if not a bit cloying.
I also noticed that there was a residue even after washing my hands that kept my quick dry top coat from working properly. This poor mani was thrashed before an hour was out. I complained to my boyfriend and he said it was a good excuse to re-do my nails. Love this man!

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