Saturday, August 14, 2010

Flowers & Flutterbys

Finally done with my military week, I made it through that and am on the upswing from my tooth infection as well. Happy happy!
So once I was changed and relaxed (Well hello Riesling, nice to see you again.) I couldn't get my pink polish off fast enough. Now don't misunderstand, I like pink, but not when it's mandatory, boring pink.
There I sat, viewing my little empire of polishes and nail related what nots and trying to decide on my next manicure. For some reason I felt myself keep leaning more toward wanting to wear the darker more fall-ish colors and yet I am completely unwilling to sacrifice summer polish time to them.
No no no! There is no such thing as cold, there is no such thing as cold!
I ended up going with one of my newer colors, Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure in Yellow Kitty. I love the soft banana color and find it very flattering to my skin tone and of course (how could you not?) I love the name.
Hoowwwever...Application wise, UG! I applied it over Orly's Orlon Basecoat and varying from finger to finger it was either too thick or too thin, always streaky and I had some massive drag on it that just made me crazy and I got bubbles, This polish hasn't been shaken in over a week but taking a good look at the bottle there is a lovely ring of bubbles, lucky me.
At two coats it still looked pretty crappy so I did a quick dry coat (S.H's Insta-Dri) so I wouldn't do my usual smudge fest on it let that dry and then applied a third coat. The first finger I did was my left pinky and wouldn't you know, I somehow missed the HUGE cat hair (thanks Toulouse) laying across it that refused to be budged. Not that I'm surprised, there is cat and dog hair everywhere since the vacuuming hasn't been done all week. *sigh* This is not going as planned, this is not relaxing and rejuvenating at all. What am i doing wrong?!?
But I'm determined to turn this into something good! Layering? No. Faux-nad? No. I need some inspiration here!
Ah-Ha, got it!

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