Friday, August 6, 2010

Holy Nail Staining Batman!!

This is a super quick entry to which there is no point but to elicit screams of horror and expressions of sympathy. I actually have a pretty that I want to show off today as my weeks grand finale.

This is how it went down. When I started playing with my Hidden Treasure on test nails I thought how pretty it would be over a nice green. My favorite green is by far Finger Paints 'Guggen I'm Lime'. And on the tester nail it looked great so I had painted my left hand with the Savvy 'Deep Amethyst' with Hidden Treasure and my right with Guggen I'm Lime with Hidden Treasure to show you .
I'm right handed so with my penchant for smearage, lets just say the nails didn't fare well. So I decided to start again and went at it with some nail polish remover... and about had a cardiac. This was with two coats of Orly's Bonder as my base. On my pinky you can see where I tried to file the acrylic to see if it was salvageable. It wasn't, the acrylic would have been paper thin. So a whole new set was in order.

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