Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand Finale Friday

See what I found for your viewing pleasure. Sooo pretty!
You remember how I said that I now love K-mart. Well yeah, they have all sorts of cool polish! There are only two stores near me that carry Milani polish and while you may not be impressed, I am. Keep in mind that I'm new to this nail polish obsession and pretty much everything is new and wonderful to me.
So I stopped by a different K-mart. and they had a display for the new (?) Milani Collection of 3D polishes. Being a sucker for green that I am, I couldn't pass 'Hi-Tech' up. It looks more like a supercharged metallic glitterfest in the bottle, giving no clue as to the fabulousness inside, but once I got home and got it on my nail. Hello holographic hotness!
And it's green! I know you can't see that very well and I'm sorry, I think all that shine is causing some sort of light diffusion to happen with my camera because they're pretty washed out even though I've tried several different settings. So, you'll just have to trust me, it is green.
I'm really excited about the green because in my nail blog surfing most of what I've seen as far as holo's has been in blues and silvers. I love those too, but not like I love green.

So here you are, I hope you enjoy. Milani 3D Holographic in Hi-Tech, 3 coats over Orly's Orlon Basecoat. The formula is perfect, not too thick, not too thin and it applies like a dream, smooth as buttah.


  1. Helloooo shiny!Ah,love it!!!

  2. man I wish I bought more of these the last time I ordered from cherryculture! so so pretty.

    you've been tagged by the way.. :)


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