Thursday, September 30, 2010

Pardon my lack of Modesty

I hope you don't mind if I brag, I'm just so darn pleased with myself at the moment.
I don't consider myself to be terribly artistic, crafty yes,, not so much. So when a plan comes together I'm usually pretty blown away myself.
Last night while I was waiting for my sleeping pills to kick in (let's hear it for the insomniacs!) I wandered out to my table where all my polish is strewn and pitifully stared at my implements wishing a moment of inspiration would hit me. Well it wasn't exactly a ton of bricks, but since I don't need bricks for anything that's ok. I actually remembered Asami's guest tutorial about the half moon manicure.
I actually tried the french guide method when the tutorial first came out, uh yeah, fail on an epic scale. I could get it to work on a fake nail but not so much on my own. I was totally bummed because I love love the look.
Without Daddy's Girl to glitterfy

Ok you're saying, get to the point. Well, last night I decided to try her free hand method and...OMG I loooooove how they turned out!!! I'm practically giddy with delight. Thank god both polishes dry pretty fast but I was praying like nothing else that they'd stay pretty through the night so I could get pictures.
I wanted a dramatic look and I got it. I used Sinful Colors 'Dream On' for the half moon color and Maybelline's 'Charming Cobalt' as the full nail color. But wait, I didn't stop there! (Like my Billy Mays impersonation?) I wanted something to tie the two together to add a little more punch. So I grabbed my Sinful Colors 'Daddy's Girl' and went over the main nail color, I really think the subtle pinkish purple glitter is the perfect finishing touch.

Now I know it's not perfect, This is my first time doing it after all, but I think it's pretty darn good and I'm pleased as punch with how it came out, there will be more half moon manicures in my future!
So for those of you willing, I offer my back for patting and thank you very much for humoring me. Mwhaaaas!


  1. I love it!!! I'm so not patient enough with my nails and they always end up smudging. I wish I could do that. I'm thinking about popping on some press ons tonight and possibly doing this! Did you do you whole nail in the main color and then the pink?


  2. I took the pink and painted from the cuticle about half way up my nail, I didn't do it pretty except where I knew it would show, from there I took the blue and painted the rest of the nail. If you want to do it you should really check out Asami's tutorial, she explains three different ways to do it so one is bound to work for you. :)

  3. they didn't have dream on when i went to get it. Awesome mani


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