Friday, September 24, 2010

Am I blue? My nails are, very blue indeed

A little retail therapy is just what the Dr. ordered for my funky-dunk. Well that and my sweety has been around since he took Thursday and Friday off for a four day weekend. We're building a chicken coop for the girls, Lucy and Ethel but I managed to sneak out for a little polish purchasing. In addition to some fun new colors for me (more on that later) I picked up two new colors for my 50 followers give away! I'm getting pretty excited about it, by the time it is all put together it will have several polishes (6 and counting), some 2 way nail pens, some ubber cute nail art stickers and makeup. Just let it be said that I don't believe in doing anything half arsed. Just 8 more followers and the fun will begin!

Now on with my current polish.
How pretty is this? From OPI's Designer Series I have Magic. A faaabulous blue that is really...well, magical.
Here we've got three coats over my OPI Ridge Filler and honestly, I probably could have used two more. This polish goes on seriously sheer. The pictures are too kind in that they don't show the visible nail line. Of course for the most part a person is going to be too caught up in the oooo, shiny goodness to care about a VNL, but for those of us that notice those kinds of things... Yeah.
Unfortunately no matter how many pictures I took the lovely pinkish purple shimmer that is most obvious in low light didn't show up either. I think it's a big part of Magic though, like a magic trick it's quite obvious in the bottle but much more illusive on the nail.
After the first coat which was a little streaky, application was a breeze. Honestly I am really loving this blue and will probably keep it on for longer than my usual two days...maybe pull it out over the weekend.
I think this would be a gorgeous base for some konading, maybe I'll give it a whirl and see how I do.


  1. Retail therapy...ah, does wonders for the soul, eh? I hope Ethel and Lucy enjoy the new coop, do you feed them Vitavegamin?

  2. maybe some white snowflakes for christmas. Your nails are awesome

  3. Looks great!
    You could put strasses on and make it more bling bling!


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