Monday, September 27, 2010

Diva for a Day...or two

My pretty blue mani made it through the weekend, but with my happy haul calling my name it couldn't come off fast enough. I used my favorite new method of polish removal that I picked up from Colette over at My Simple Little Pleasures. I love it because it takes a single cotton ball (I unwind it since I don't have the cotton strips like she does) to remove the polish off one hand where it used to take three full cotton balls. Someone on her post make the comment that it reminded her of the fluffy fingers of The Grinch. A very apt description don't you think?

So after removal and base coat application (OPI Ridge Filler) I had to decide which color was going to go on my fingers first. I picked up some great colors so it was kinda hard to choose but I finally settled on OPI's Diva of Geneva. This is a Beautiful with a capital 'B' faintly fuchsia purple with a lovely soft shimmer.
I was in love at first brush stroke because it went on smooth as silk, almost like my nails were painting themselves and all I needed was two coats.

Check out the glow on this, isn't it beautiful? It's almost like it's lit from within.

I think this has a warm tone to it, if you look really close at the bottle you can see just the teeniest hint of gold shimmer in there.

Even in shade it's just lovely.

I think Diva of Geneva is just lovely and elegant, it seems silly but I would classify it as a "grown-up color", something your glamorous favorite aunt from Beverly Hills would wear and I just love it. I hope you've enjoyed it too.

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