Wednesday, September 22, 2010

You say Fall I say "It's too @#$! cold!

40 Followers YippEE!!!! I'm hatching an idea for a 50 follower give away. I already have some lovely polishes (a couple of holos), eye shadows and other goodies set aside so spread the word!

Ok so I'm kinda getting into the swing of the cooler weather...maybe. I must admit that I love love the colors for this time of year. Our mountains are turning all different shades of yellow, rust, reds and oranges. Thankfully down here in the valley it's not that apparent.
This is China Glaze's Cross Iron and if I remember correctly, I got this gorgeous polish for a whopping $1.99 on clearance and I count my lucky stars that I did. It's beautiful and it's perfect for this time of year. It has a richness about it that reminds me of pumpkin pie right as it's coming out of the oven and the top is slightly caramelized and flecked with all sorts of spicy goodness.
This is the usual two coats over OPI Ridge Filler as a base coat...except on my ring finger which I managed to ding up and was to lazy to strip and re-do so I just put another coat over. I think it actually repaired it's self quite well and if you weren't staring right at it you probably wouldn't notice.
I think that this could be a beautiful base for a Halloween-y mani yes I do, the wheels are a turnin'! If it happens, you'll be the first to know.


  1. ooo, a halloweeny mani?! Yes, please.
    It just had to be the last hottish day of summer this last Saturday (the day I was moving) I'm almost ready for cold weather, I still need to get my wool coat dry cleaned but it's still ridiculous to wear that yet so I have time, but being Utah and all, really I may just have 2 days! lol.

  2. Your post title made me LOL =)
    Cross Iron is gorgeous and perfect for fall. I wish I had ordered it but hmmm...maybe this means I need to put in an order soon!

  3. AggiePigeon, I have a mani knocking around, I recently picked up CG's Ick-a-body (spl?) and some sweet Halloween nail stickers, together they're quite ghoulish. :)
    I'm thinking that if the record holds you won't need your wool coat until mid October but you'll certainly need a jacket here soon. You know what they say about Utah weather, wait 10 minutes and it will change.
    Kitty, Yes, you should certainly place an order soon. See how good I am at enabling.


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