Friday, September 17, 2010

Charmed I'm Sure

I am completely charmed with this blue. Like I could sit and stare at it for hours, write odes to it, the whole nine yards charmed.
This went on like a charm as well, what you see is two coats over OPI Ridge Filler. You could almost get away with one coat if you were in a hurry but I'd stick with two. It's opaque enough that I'd be interested to see how it works for konading.

I am totally loving that deep glowing shimmer. This may very well be my new favorite blue.


  1. That's a pretty blue. LOL, everyone's wearing blue lately. And I love your nails..they look so strong. I can't explain how, but they look really strong.

    Also, I tagged you with two blog awards. You can come pick them up at!

  2. Thank you ChaosButterfly, heading over now! (My nails have a thin layer of acrylic over them so they are pretty strong. Otherwise I'd never be able to get them this long.)


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