Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spiced Chai nails

Gah! I have been in a serious funk this last week and even my nails haven't been making me happy. I have really been wanting to showcase some nail art but I can't ever get my fingers to match what's in my mind and it's just so frustrating. S0 what do I do of all things...I put on a boring-shmoring military worthy mani...which is really quite lovely if you ask me.
This is a combination of Milani Thai Tea and Golden Rose #111 (pity they don't have real names) which is as you can see a honey of a holo. Both of them individually and together really reminds me of chai tea, one of my most favorite beverages that is a mixture of tea and spices. I like mine sweetened with honey with a splash of vanilla creamer and served either hot or on the rocks. I brew my own with Stash tea or mix Oregon brand with milk and call myself a happy camper.
The Milani is pretty sheer so it's three coats over my OPI Ridge Filler base. The first coat went on pretty streaky but it evened out with the other two and got sealed up with China Glaze Fast Forward top coat. Initially all five fingers were Milani but I had just gotten my order from Golden Rose and it seemed like...well, serendipity that #111 combined so well with it. So two coats of that went on top of everything else on my ring finger and thumb,and another coat of Flash Forward finished it up. Aaaand looking at it now I'm realizing that I did a pretty crap job at clean up and taking care of my cuticals so pardon my mess. Why don't I notice this as I'm taking the pictures rather than later??
I need to get out of this funk, I think a nice bright color is next, maybe that will be the kick I need to pull myself together. What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're down?


  1. #111 looks kinda holographic, very pretty!
    When I'm in a funk I usually take my dog for a long walk or run or hike and when I get home I take a nice hot bath and usually pamper myself with something nice...I also by myself something that I like, nail polish, wall art, make up, a new pair of running shoes... =)
    I hope you are feeling more yourself soon, you should paint you nails whatever color comes to your mind next!

  2. Hi Aggie (hope you don't mind my shortening the name)
    I wish I had your healthy notions, walking, running shoes...I know I should but do I??? Not so much. I did like the buying myself a little something though. Hey, I walked from my car to the store, that counts right??? ;)
    I'm feeling better today, thanks so much!


  3. I have some of those Golden Rose polishes and some of them are really good. I used one in my blue plaid one:D


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