Saturday, September 18, 2010

Teal Toes for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Challenge...Pass it on!

I am stealing this almost word for word from my friend Ria over at Serious stuff about lif...oooh shiny!! basically because I can't think of a way of putting it better myself. Thanks Ria!

September is Ovarian cancer awareness month!

Teal Toes is an organization that spreads the word about Ovarian cancer, so that women get tested.
Ribbons is one way to go.
But there's a funnier way!
Teal toes!
All you have to do is paint your toe nails in teal!
No need of specific polish!Just teal!
It's a really special color for a special cause!
Many people will ask why teal, so there's a reason for you to spread the word.

Why raise awareness?

  • Too many women with ovarian cancer do not get diagnosed until their cancer has spread. Their survival rate is 45%.
  • The survival rate improves greatly - to 93 percent - if the cancer is diagnosed at an early stage before it has spread. Only 19 percent of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at this local stage.
  • Approximately 75 percent of ovarian cancer cases are diagnosed at an advanced stage after the cancer has spread beyond the ovary.
This information is from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance.
This type of cancer is a sneaky one. The symptoms are not obvious, and they include:
  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency)
Stuff you can blow off as other not so serious things right?

So your mission for today, should you chose to accept it...
Is to teal up your toes! And since it's not that cold out there yet, wear sandals to show you know and want to fight this silent enemy off!
My toes are teal and other ladies on fb show their toes.Take some exapmles and spread the word!

You can find a list of polish examples here
The facebook page is here so you can add your photos to the list!
And the official page is here

So tell me...
What color will be next on your toes?
Do you accept the challenge?
My toes are done over OPI Ridge Filler base with two coats of OPI Cuckoo for this Color and a very thin coat of Orly Halley's Comet topper.

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  1. Yay!Another set of teal toes!!!!!!!!!Woohoo! :)


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