Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ulta Envy

What's that? Did I hear a collective groan of "not another green!" Ok ok, I'm sorry, I promise I'll do something completely different here soon I promise, I have an idea for this polish and then I'll kick out, I haven't posted a lot of reds. I just couldn't resist this, it was calling my name. Let's just chalk it up as a color choice brought on by a feverish mind. :)

I'm feeling lots better though thank goodness and while my sense of smell is still not so hot I can once again taste my food. I don't handle illness well, I turn into the biggest baby.

So, Envy...Isn't it perfectly named? What a glorious, glowing green. Application was perfect, nice and smooth. This is two thick coats over OPI's Ridge Filler with China Glaze Fast Forward and as the top coat. I mix my polishes like I mix my drinks. :)

Now I don't know which came first, but this and Nina's Ultra Pro "Emerald City" are almost perfect dupes. Not that I mind, Envy is perhaps a wee bit deeper of a green, but unless you looked really close you wouldn't notice. I would have painted a few fingers with both but that little light bulb didn't come on until after the fact so take my word for it if you will.

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