Monday, September 13, 2010

Orly's Halley's Comet

I picked up the rest of Orly's Cosmic FX Collection last week and you know what? Space Cadet is not even in the top three favorites. Perhaps that's because it seems to be a much bling-ier version of OPI's Amethyst Abyss that I'm not as impressed by the multi chrome purple/green/gold.

With It's not Rocket Science in first place on my chart Halley's Comet takes a close second. I think that if mermaids used nail polish they'd give a few scales for this beauty!

This is two coats over OPI Ridge Filler and application was a breeze, cleanup...not so much. This seems to be hyper pigmented and it actually caused some staining on my skin.

Even in the shade it's beautiful.

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  1. this is soo beautiful! <3
    And I gave you a sunshine award, check it out here!


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